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Saturday, June 21, 2003  
Anal Rape Comes For The Archbishop
Karma is a harsh, harsh mistress. However, I’m very happy about that for once. You see, one of the world’s biggest scumbags got his this week, and happiness in Arizona abounds.

Bishop Thomas O’Brien, who spent thirty years as the head of the Phoenix diocese of the Catholic Church, was arrested this week on the charge of a felony hit-and-run accident. A pedestrian unsuccessfully survived a meeting with O’Brien’s windshield, and the good Bishop didn’t stop to bother and help. Oddly enough, however, if he had stopped, O’Brien would have avoided any charges at all, unless he was drinking, particularly since the pedestrian was jaywalking. Hmm…what was that I read that said he was at church before that performing ceremonies, etc, and hitting the sacramental wine? Can’t wait for those lab results! I smell a bigger felony charge coming!

Some might say that committing that crime hardly makes him one of the world’s biggest scumbags, and they’re right. It’s his other crimes that make him one of the world’s biggest scumbags. O’Brien had recently signed an agreement with the local prosecutor acknowledging what most of us around the Valley had known for years: he’s spent the last thirty years covering up rampant sex abuse, obstructing justice to make sure his abusive priests weren’t caught, and transferring them to other parishes without informing anyone, including their new bosses, that they have a kiddie molester on their hands. That allowed for plenty of repeat offenders, and he obstructed the truth when the lawsuits came, too. In short, he was just as much an advocate for pedophiles to find new prey as he was for people to find God. Good thinking there, Tommy…you waste of a fucking life.

Countless lives have been ruined by this piece of shit’s disinterest in doing the right thing. His failure to speak up and advocate for harmed children speaks louder than any sermon ever could. And then the son of a bitch had the audacity and luck to get an immunity agreement. Sickening. So, yes, he is indeed one of the world’s biggest scumbags. You can quote me on it.

Now, ol’ Tommy might have finally found a crime that he could run from, but not hide. A witness to the accident followed O’Brien until he was sure he had the license plate number, and the damage to O’Brien’s car was pretty extensive. Hit-and-run could carry up to four years, and if it turns out he was drinking, it goes up to manslaughter and more years. And then Karma kicks in

You see, child molesters and child killers are the one type of person even the inmates can’t stand. They tend to feel like they deserve extra punishment for being such wretched low lives. So I expect that O’Brien will find himself a marked man on the inside, and likely separated from the general population. Too bad. Because the right inmate would show him exactly what it felt like to be a child that O’Brien left unprotected from a serial molester. And that would be the best Karma of all…feeling the pain of your victims. Good luck sitting down, mister Bishop…and enjoy Hell when you get there.


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