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Friday, July 04, 2003  
Let Freedom Ring

The U.S. had a birthday today. I just wish she looked and acted younger. Unfortunately, she keeps taking more and more abuse from her leaders, and the old girl is fraying at the edges. Two more blows landed on her this week, and she’s wobbly. Somebody see how much time is left until the bell and get the cut man ready!

First, in “Of course” news, our faux-President apparently claims that God spoke to him and told him to liberate the Iraqi people. This leads to the obvious question, which is: which opponent of Bush is God speaking to and demanding that he liberate the American people? For fuck’s sake! Did one of the shrubs outside the oval office catch fire and Bush just start interpreting the crackling? Anyone out there who really believes that God is speaking to Bush Jr. must be someone whose lips are moving as they read this. It’s much more likely that Bush has returned to his drunken frat days and that the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle told him to go check the tire pressure on the presidential limo. How the fuck can anyone take this moron seriously?

Then, the Bush administration announced that they were cutting off arms sales to 35 countries. Now, normally, this would be a good thing; selling arms to anyone is fairly dubious. However, the reason that these countries were cut off is because they support the International Court…you know, the one that holds people responsible for war crimes? Crimes like illegally invading a sovereign nation? Hmmm…..whatever could bother the Bushies about that? Say, where are those weapons of mass destruction again?

It used to be that watching fireworks go off and listening to semi-patriotic songs was fun. Now it just feels empty and hollow. Now it just feels like so much propaganda. Innocence is long gone, and hope is slipping rapidly away through the fingers of a very unstable man. It looms large that King George is ripe for overthrow once again, 227 years later. November 2004 isn’t that far away.


10:47 PM

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