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Friday, August 01, 2003  
I'm suddenly in an unusually decent mood. I'm sure that won't last.

The week has come and gone mostly without incident. More U.S. soldiers are dying in Iraq every day, and hope grows dim that we will find an exit solution anytime soon because this adminstration doesn't seem to give two fucks about the soldiers they've sent over there. Every life that is snuffed out is a tragedy for someone left behind, and the growing legions of young widows left to raise small children and parents who have instantly outlived their children thanks to the naked greed of a bunch of idiot oilmen makes me physically ill. The lack of any worthy reason to be there has passed the level of mystifying and is rapidly approaching evil.

See? I'm pissed again already. You can depend on me!

My message from last week got to a couple of people at the minimum, which was nice. I was hoping to hear from more, but you take what you can get.

My mother, now to be known as "Robocop" (thanks to her kinky-special pacemaker), is on the road to Virginia and bored to death. I still think that's better than sitting at home in Indiana, though. She's training people for her company, which means she gets to show how smart and competent she is, even if she's doing it in the backwoods.

And speaking of "on the road to", Bob Hope died earlier this week. I watched all those NBC specials as a kid and never really laughed, but I adored him anyway. He was safe, and he meant something to our society. He also entertained both of my grandfathers overseas in the mid-20th century. But I think his biggest accomplishment was living a remarkably full life that we all can envy. May he rest in peace.


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