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Friday, November 21, 2003  

I want to see charges brought, and I want some heads on a plate.

Look, Michael Jackson crossed the line into a freakdom from which there is no turning back years ago. He's already been charged with the same crimes once before (and bought off his accuser), so there's no reason for any person with an ounce of sense to ever leave their kid alone with this guy. It wouldn't be so much of an issue if Jackson had been caught fucking one of the llamas on his property, but this is a kid, goddammit. So I reiterate: charges need to be brought against the real guilty party here: this kid's parents.

You wanna pimp your kid's ass to a freak? Fuck you. Don't bitch if the fucking deal goes sour. You want to give your kid a nice normal childhood? Fuck you. Don't send your kid off to spend the weekend with a forty-year old man who has openly admitted that he lets the kids who stay over sleep in his fucking bed. Either way, this kid's parents get the biggest "Fuck you!" that I can offer. Assholes.

But they aren't the only guilty party here. Looking beyond them, and beyond Jackson, how about the charities that still do business with El Freako? Look, I appreciate that charities need every little bit of help that they can get. But there's an ethical line that needs to be drawn. Would they accept a suitcase full of cash from a cocaine dealer? No. So why do they continue to accept the assistance of an accused child molester? Where is that little voice in the backs of their heads telling them that maybe there's a higher principle that needs to be followed?

Or maybe they should start taking the suitcases full of cash.

All I know is that there are assholes a plenty in this case, and they aren't all named Jackson.


9:49 PM

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