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Friday, December 12, 2003  
If I Were A Woman...

I'm offended on behalf of (almost) all the women I know by one particular chunk of television advertising during the Christmas season. I'm referring, of course, to jewelry store commercials.

They may all be for different establishments, but that doesn't matter...they all have the same theme: women are golddiggers.

One commercial shows a woman floating around a party and noticing the jewelry being worn by the other women there. She is informed at every turn that the husband or boyfriend in question shopped at a particular place. The woman in question then proceeds to find her husband, drop trash in his drink and stomp away from, we are now to believe, the cheap bastard she married. It isn't far off to guess that he'll be in the doghouse for a while.

In most of the other commercials, we see the man in question give his girl a shiny bauble and watch her swoon into his arms. In one commercial, I'm pretty certain that you can see the woman's underwear slide off because they're too damp to stay up. It's horrible. What the Hell kind of Christmas message is that? "Buy her jewelry, and with any luck this Christmas she'll put out."

I guess I'd prefer a subtler, less offensive approach. Something with class dignity.

Hmmm. Maybe Carrot Top is available?


1:25 PM

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