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Friday, February 06, 2004  
Fear And Hate

I am a deep liberal. I believe so deeply in civil liberties that I'd risk my life for them. But yesterday's decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Court allowing gay marriage was probably the exact worse thing that could happen. Not because I'm not in favor of gay marriage- I am hugely in favor of it. But it comes at the worst possible time I can imagine.

The Democrats have a front runner for their choice to try and beat Bush, a goal I think we're all behind. But he's also from Massachusetts. And that's a killer.

No one is better at playing the politics of fear and hate than the Bushies. No one. They frightened people of terrorists so badly that they stopped believing that it was acceptable to question the government's actions. And you can be goddamned sure that they'll seize on John Kerry's MA roots to stir up old ladies in Iowa who are scared to death of homosexuals.

It won't matter what Kerry's opinions are. Karl Rove and company will link Kerry and gay marriage like green eggs and ham. They'll go to Mississippi and convince every backwater hick missing all but three teeth that Kerry is going to send the married homos to live in their neighborhood and to destroy their church. It gives them a way to demonize Kerry by linking him to the Different, and people are terrified and hateful towards the Different.

Can you imagine if the gay couple was black? Oy.

So there will be a huge effort to destroy Kerry this way. The focus will be moved from Iraq, lies about WMDs, AWOL National Guard service, and the biggest deficits in history...in short, Bush and Rove will steer the conversation about our nation's future away from anything important.

Gives you a really bad feeling doesn't it? Because it's exactly how they work, and they're relentless. Ask Bill and Hilary Clinton. And pray for John Kerry. Pray for him hard. Because he's about to get fired upon by an enemy who won't rest until he is destroyed. God help us all.


6:49 PM

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