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Marc Mason is a freelance writer based in Tempe, AZ.

Friday, February 20, 2004  

This week I've been watching the scandal over the Colorado football program like a hawk. It seems like the bigger it grows, the more it distresses me.

I'm not an alum of CU. Never even visited the campus. And that's one of the primary reasons why I am concerned. You, too. Because any person of conscience should be eyeing these events with disgust and horror, wondering what can be done and how it can be stopped everywhere else.

Rape is not a crime to ever take lightly, and it does not deserve anything less than forceful response from the law and the community. Confronted with the allegation that one of his players was raped by another, the Colorado coach forgot to even pay lip service to being appalled. Instead, he derided female place kicker Katie Hnida as a "girl" and a "bad player." As if this excuses the crime! Supposedly, we have evolved past the point where we think that rape is "acceptable" in any form, let alone as a punishment....for not successfully putting the ball between the uprights.

But hey, if Coach Scumbag wants to set us back to a prior era, then let's run with it, shall we?

My McBurger didn't come plain, as asked? Everyone in line gets to tie the cook to the fryer and start pounding away. Tears could be special sauce, right? Cut me off at the stoplight? You get pulled over, bent through the window, we all nearby pedestrians get a turn. I'm sure the traffic backup won't mind the show. And hey, if you want me to play football for your school, and the girl you sent to show me around doesn't want to give me any ass? Well that ain't gonna fly. It's her fault for being there, right?

It's the cook's fault for screwing up, right? The driver's for cutting me off? So taking by force is justified, right?

What a load of horseshit. Coach Scumbag just doesn't get it.

Maybe you don't actually know someone who's been a victim. I do. The first girl I ever loved was victimized by a neighbor, and no one helped her or believed her. Instead, she got the blame. So hearing Katie Hnida's tale brought back a large, painful memory, and seeing Coach Scumbag turn around and intimate that her plight was brought on just because she was a girl and not a good football player... it made me want to vomit.

I want to believe that Barnett will finally get it, but he won't. The neanderthals never do. I hope and pray that someone puts a stop to the nonsense in Colorado, and at all the other schools across the nation that we aren't hearing about, but I find it hard to believe it will. And I wish to God that we'd evolve way past ever even having the idea to forcibly sexually assault anyone, ever, as a species. But I won't hold my breath on that either. It seems big and pointless to leave yourself open to even care.

So I ask for this instead: if we're going to de-volve, and if we are going to still have a segment of the population that believes that this crime is acceptable, and blaming the victim is the way to go, it's time to take it to the next level. If you lie to the American public, and you waste lives in a foreign nation on a personal war, and you send American jobs out of the country and call it a good thing for everyone... you get fucked up the ass by the entire Colorado football team. And you have no one to blame... but yourself.


8:57 PM

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