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Friday, May 07, 2004  
That's With Two "P"s

Appalling. That's the only way I can describe this week.

Gross abuse of prisoners by American soldiers. A school coach who gave one of his athletes an award named "The Crybaby" because the kid had the audacity to want to play, rather than sit on the bench. And Major League Baseball selling the right to Sony Pictures to put Spider-Man2 logos on the bases during a late June weekend.

At least the public outcry made MLB wise up and yank the promotion.

Each and every week it seems more and more like I no longer actually live on a sane and rational planet. Instead, I wake up, read the papers and the internet, and feel more certain that I have been transported to an alternate reality. A couple of teenagers on a boys volleyball team were pissed that the junior varsity kids beat them to the chance to eat first while on a trip and assaulted a JV player by whacking him in the head... with their dicks. Come on... tell me there's a portal back to the other, happier place.

Tell me that I didn't read an article today where the citizens of the town where of one of those soldiers busted for torturing Iraqi prisoners came from didn't back up her actions, refer to any person of ethnicity or color as "subhuman," and suggest that Iraw should just be eradictaed off the map because of that.

Assure me that a big-time liberal activist and writer wasn't forced to expose himself as a fraud this week when it turned out that all that motivation he took from his experiences as an Army Ranger was bullshit, considering he'd never been in the service.

Explain to me just exactly how everything is going to be "okay" when I read about a marauding pack of drag queens who, deciding that they must arrive at DQ beauty pageants in the finest style, have been stealing the finest cars from southern dealership lots en masse.




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