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Sunday, August 08, 2004  

  • Well, first and foremost because I don’t ever want to be so much of an asshole that I take it seriously enough to murder for the damn console. There’s a story running right now about some people being murdered for the theft of an X-Box. Fuck almighty. If you need one that bad, steal another one from the fuggin’ store. There is no game of Doom 3 that can’t wait until you’ve outrun a fat old security guard. Kids get dumber every year.

  • I like to read books. Beyond that, I like to read magazines and comics. I like listening to the radio and the occasional album. It’s baseball season, and I can almost always turn on a game. These are all qualities that it seems, on the surface, no one in American society under the age of 22 actually possesses anymore. I think I’d prefer to hold on to my uniqueness.

  • The prices for new games is ridiculous. $50 for a new release like Doom 3? Blow me. In fact, you could get a hooker to blow you twice for that. Maybe more if she’s addicted to drugs. Or, you could buy Paris Hilton’s porn tape and jack off for years to it for that kind of money. Hell, for $50, you could pay a girl to dress up like Paris Hilton and blow you. And any of those ideas beats the shit out of losing hours of sleep playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. “One Night In Paris,” indeed.

  • I know there are a lot of nice, normal people who have them, but honestly, I would feel like a complete loser if I had a home video game set. That’s just who I am, no apologies.

Really…. Shouldn’t we all have better things to do with our time?

7:01 PM

I just have to post a rebuttal. Firstly, both you and the article about the people who were murdered are wrong when you say the reason for the crime was a stolen x-box. This guy had problems, and the x-box was only an excuse. He would have done the same thing if the item had been an ipod, a porn mag, or his pet rock.

Secondly, reading and playing games are not mutually exclusive. The amount of people who read literary works is reducing in this country anyway. Gaming doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it. Many gamers are very well read individuals.

Won't argue about the cost of games, but that doesn't have to be prohibitive. There are game rental services that follow the NetFlix model that allow you to rent games for as long as you like. Not to mention the ability to buy used games at reduced prices. People spend their money in different ways...just think of how much you spend on comics every month (we spend at least $40 on the 7 or 8 titles we collect). Some people spend $50 a month on movies, or fast food. Different priorities for different people.

The real reason you don't own a game console is that gaming just isn't something you're interested in. 'Nuff said. I'd rather be playing games than watching brainless stuff on TV (like that cartoon you tout in your latest post).
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