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Sunday, November 21, 2004  

Leave it to sports to upstage the rest of the pop culture world in the last seven days.

Last Monday had the MNF controversy with Terrell Owens and Nicolette Sheridan, and what an abysmally hypocritical stink that caused. I love the game of football, but the NFL continues to fucking embarrass itself when it does things like complain about how that intro was unworthy of its family audience. Excuse me?!

Is the same NFL that is in an active sponsorship partnership with an erectile dysfunction drug? Yep. Not to mention that the other ED drug companies sure seem to find it easy enough to advertise during the games as well. Maybe they just should have teamed up to assault the “family audience”; after all, I suspect there were plenty of fifteen-year old boys who had four hour erections after watching Sheridan drop her towel.

And honestly… there was no bad language. No actual nudity. And you could see just as much skin on the sidelines watching the cheerleaders… or buying their calendars (God bless the Eagles cheerleaders and their lingerie). The NFL’s response is merely so much bullshit.

How about they apologize to the family audience for their role as a haven for scum? That’d prove they actually care about their image. When they remove Leonard Little (killed someone drunk driving, got a slap on the wrist, arrested for DUI again), Jamal Lewis (federal drug trafficking), Ray Lewis (obstructing a murder investigation), Michael Pittman (multiple arrests for assaulting his wife), and so many others from the field and from their licensed products like their video games, I’ll take the League office seriously. Until then, they need to shut the fuck up.

And then Friday night, the NBA exploded with the fight in Detroit. As a lifelong Pacers fan, I was incredibly distressed by the whole proceedings. There was absolutely no excuse for the conduct that occurred, players or fans. Today, the league laid down some stiff suspension penalties, including Ron Artest for the rest of season. It suspended the next two worst Pacer culprits for what amounts to a third of the season as well, and that means that the tam has lost its three best players. Indy went into this season a good favorite to go to the finals out of the Eastern Conference, and now they are basically reduced to also-ran status. And rather than complain or whine…

…they need to shut the fuck up and take it, too. I don’t want to see union representatives moaning and pissing. I don’t want to see pointless appeals. I don’t want to see those players suing the league because they were disciplined for their stupidity. Just this once, I’d like to see an athlete say “You know what? I fucked up, badly, and I deserve to pay for it. No matter how much I was provoked, I knew better, and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath.

7:38 PM

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