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Sunday, December 25, 2005  

So, today, Christmas, I’m watching the tube. VH1’s “40 Least Metal Moments”, in fact. Great show. I’ve watched it a couple of times previous. Pure, dumb entertainment. But today’s viewing brought something a little bit different.

Why? Because one of the primary sponsors of the presentation was the film RUMOR HAS IT.

In case you don’t know, RUMOR HAS IT is the new Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, in which she discovers that her mother and grandmother were the inspiration for THE GRADUATE and then seeks out the real-life Benjamin Braddock character (Kevin Costner) and sleeps with him, too.

Raise your hand if “Ewww.”

Raise it again if you can’t even remotely fucking understand what the Hell this movie is doing sponsoring “Least Metal Moments.” Was this a deliberate attempt at irony? If so, it’s damned funny. But do I believe that it is? Not even. Nope.

Now, the year’s top forty video countdown is on, and it’s reminding me of how far away from the “mainstream” of pop music I’ve gotten overt he past couple of years/ Not only have I not seen a good chunk of the videos, but I haven’t even heard a good percentage of the songs. That used to be unthinkable for me. But my tastes and listening habits have taken me solidly into the realm of not only satellite radio (God bless Sirius’ Alt-Nation 21) but away from pop in general. And frankly, watching some of these videos and hearing the songs, I’m not really missing anything.

Bands like Snow Patrol, Straylight Run, Z-Trip, The Mars Volta, My Chemical Romance, and Story Of The Year have rejuvenated my passion for music; more, they have rejuvenated my passion for new and fresh voices in music, and for that, I am very grateful.

In a year that turned out to be some decent moments surrounded by gift platters of shit sandwiches, that’s something I can hold on to and be grateful for.

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